Soterra Capital Enters Strategic Partnership With Quills Coffee

Louisville, KY – January 25, 2024   Soterra Capital, an investment and strategic advisory firm based in Austin, TX, and Louisville, KY, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Quills Coffee, the iconic midwest franchise focused on curating peaceful and beautiful spaces where premium coffee and community can be celebrated.  This collaboration with Soterra is designed to fortify operations, foster brand development, and propel long-term growth for Quills. 

Nathan Quillo, CEO and Co-founder of Quills Coffee, shares his perspective, “Soterra’s culture and values aligns well with our vision, Together, we look forward to creating spaces where exceptional coffee and genuine connections come together.”  Quills has several new initiatives and product offerings in development that will supported through this partnership. 

Mark Franco and Jeremy Carter, Partners at Soterra, express their excitement about the strategic alliance. “We love Quills and its influence on the Louisville and Indianapolis markets.  We are delighted to embark on this journey with the company and its team, and contributing where we can to nurture a brand that resonates with integrity and community values.” As part of this partnership, messrs Franco and Carter will work closely with Quills leadership to set strategy, drive operational efficiency and expand the brand, while preserving the unique culture that defines Quills.

About Quills Coffee

Established in 2007, Quills Coffee, led by Nathan Quillo, Kyle Noltemeyer and Blaine Lawrence, boasts 8 locations in Louisville, KY, and one in Indianapolis, IN. Known for its thoughtful approach to coffee, Quills collaborates with producers worldwide, ensuring high-quality, ethically sourced beans. The welcoming atmosphere and commitment to inclusivity have earned Quills accolades, including being named the best coffeehouse in the mid U.S. at Coffee Fest in Chicago in 2015.

About Soterra Capital

Soterra Capital is a private investment firm with offices in Austin, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky. The firm takes a fundamental, long-term investment approach, focused on private companies in the lower middle market with capable management teams, strong operations, and a commitment to excellence, integrity, family, and faith.

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